With her Jersey-girl attitude and romantic Italian soul, Kayla Calabrese brings her own flair to the country music scene.  This down-to-earth artist has a sassy edge that shines through her lyrics, stage presence, and fresh demeanor.  


Being an artist has always been an aspiration of Kayla’s.  “I always dreamed of singing in front of an audience and performing, but I was too scared to tell anyone,” says Calabrese.  It wasn’t until age 16 that this “hairbrush singer” made the bold decision to make her dreams a reality.  With a go-getter spirit, Kayla decided to take voice lessons, and a few years later, made the brave move to Music City to pursue her passion for music.    


Upon moving to Nashville, Kayla enrolled in Nursing School at Belmont University, while also launching her music career.  Shortly after coming to Nashville, Kayla began recording with Grammy nominated music producer Kent Wells, best known for producing Dolly Parton.  Wells produced Kayla’s first EP Kayla Calabrese, featuring her first single “Kiss Me,” and was a great experience she describes as something she will never forget.  Pleased by the success, Kayla was determined to keep pushing forward.  A few years later, after graduating and becoming an ER Nurse, Kayla teamed up with producer Jimmy Nichols to perfect a project she had been developing, starting with her Fall 2014 release “Whisper.”  Kayla wasn’t the only one moved by the creation with Jimmy Nichols—Jimmy was equally impressed.  “I've never worked with anyone who seems to have such a grasp of how to weave a lyric and melody together at such a young age than Kayla,” says Nichols.  “Her songs show that she's strong and sensitive and sure of where she's headed, which I believe is straight to the top.”


As a musician, Kayla can show her strong disposition in one song, yet become vulnerable with the next.  “My favorite part about being an artist is that I can express my feelings and emotions in a song that not only means something to me but others can relate in their own personal way,” says Calabrese.  This is exactly what can be found in Kayla's new EP, Glass Stiletto, out now.  

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